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About The Series

“The gathering storm” is how Sir Winston Churchill viewed the period between the Great War that was supposed to be the war to end all wars, and the outbreak of the even more disastrous Second World War. Only a few people of that day had eyes to see and could “discern the times.”

We are to be a part of the Holy Spirit’s work of mobilizing, equipping and deploying intercessors through whom the Father is going to remove the blocks to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ on earth and to the Kingdom of God moving worldwide.

Book 1

In Book One you'll learn

  • How Strongholds are built
  • Four schemes of destruction
  • The goals of radical Islam

A sober well documented clarion call for intercessors to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in thwarting Satan’s plans before it is too late and to take part in advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

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Book 2

In Book Two you'll learn

  • The call to prayer
  • The role of intercessors
  • Tactics of Intercession and Spiritual Warfare

Learn the practical strategies and tactics needed by intercessors and spiritual warriors to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as part of the Father’s master strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission.

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About Zeb Bradford Long

The Rev Dr. Zeb Bradford Long brings a grounding in the Bible and Reformed theology along with decades of practical experience equipping Christians to take part in advancing waves of the Holy Spirit in North America, UK, China, Korea and Africa.

He has often been called into the gap as an intercessor and spiritual warrior.

Long also brings a unique, military, psychological and historical perspective needed in this task of understanding and defeating the multidimensional demonic stronghold of Radical Islam.

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  • Brad Long makes a well researched case (more…)
    A Well Researched Case
  • Energetic. Clear and riveting reading. (more…)
    Clear and Riveting
  • "Cuts through to the truth." (more…)
    Cuts through to truth

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